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Side events

In addition to the Supporting events in Rotterdam and Groningen, there will be numerous initiatives throughout the world during the Climate Adaptation Week. These initiatives can be accredited as official side events so they are registered as part of the global movement.

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About the registration

Why register a side event?

  • Accredited side events are given the opportunity to increase visibility to a wide audience under the flag of the Climate Adaptation Week, partly due to the large media attention that is expected.
  • Opening up to the public provides more opportunities for exchanging knowledge and expertise and for expanding the network.
  • Exceptional side events have a chance to be mentioned as a showcase during the official program of the Climate Adaptation Summit on Thursday 22 October 2020 or at a special visit by commissioners or convening countries.

When an initiative meets all the conditions, the initiative will be accredited as side event, making the event part of the Climate Adaptation Week. The organizers themselves are responsible for the organization and implementation of the side event.

Conditions for registering a side event

  1. The initiative must be related to one (or more) of the Action Tracks (1) Food security and Rural Livelihoods, (2) Cities, (3) Finance, (4) Infrastructure, (5) Locally Led Action, (6) Natural Environment, (7) Disaster Risk Management (8) Water.
  2. Initiatives must fit in with global adaptation and must therefore be internationally oriented.
  3. Initiators must both be financially and organizationally self-sufficient. There will be no compensation and no assistance offered in implementing the action of the organization of the side event.
  4. The initiative must consist of cooperation between several people or groups. Individual initiatives are not accredited as a side event.
  5. The side event can be organized leading up towards the Climate Adaptation Week and must be open to the public and to new target groups. This also means that the location must offer sufficient space to receive participants during the side event.
  6. The initiative must be scalable. This means that the initiative or project must be able to grow along with the entire process prior to the Climate Adaptation Summit and must be able to adapt to social interests and change.
  7. The initiator must upload a roadmap of 1 A4. The roadmap contains the following components: a description of the current state of affairs, the goal of the initiative, the means to achieve this goal and the associated step-by-step plan / time schedule up to the side event.
  8. The result of the initiative must be able to be presented afterwards. In addition, follow-up actions must also be formulated for: next week, next month and next year.

An assessment committee has been appointed for the accreditation process that carefully assesses all applications.

The deadline for registering for a side event is 7 September 2020.