Full program of accredited side-events during the Climate Adaptation Week 2020

Program Climate Adaptation Week 2020

For the Global Movement to succeed, action is needed at all levels of our society. That is why various local, regional, national and international side events take place during the Climate Adaptation Week from 19 to 23 October 2020. On this page you'll find the program with all accredited side-events, filtered by Action Track. Do you want to register your side-event? Find more information on our side-event page.

  • Food security, agriculture and rural livelihoods
  • Cities
  • Finance
  • Infrastructure
  • Locally‐led action
  • Nature‐based solutions
  • Extreme weather events and disasters
  • Water
  • International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) The Netherlands
    International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR)

    The IABR is a knowledge institute as well as an international cultural platform and its main objective is to generate real world change, using the power of imagination and design as its main instrument. IABR–2020–DOWN TO EARTH will take place in the autumn of 2020, from the first week of September until well in December. During the Climate Adaptation Week, a unique and special program will focuses on climate adaptation. These IABR–Ateliers explore whether we can address a missing link by employing recognizable urgent challenges, with which we can identify, as a lever both for the comprehensive transformation of our urban landscapes and societies as well as for the democratic discourse we need to have about the nature, quality and ownership of this transformation.

    The IABR holds that well-designed, socially inclusive, resilient cities are of key importance. We can only solve the climate problems if we solve them in the cities first. And to achieve this, good design is crucial.

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  • Global Climate Adaptation Youth Congress 22/08/2019 GCA The Netherlands
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    Global Climate Adaptation Youth Congress

    “YAS! we can” The Climate Adaptation Youth Congress is an event from and for youth. Throughout the year national and international youngsters will work on problems and questions in relation to climate adaptation. The Youth Climate Adaptation Congress is a unique opportunity for young people to keep strengthening the youth climate action movement and to have a voice in the ongoing talks on climate adaptation issues. Groningen invites national and international youth to join the Climate Adaptation Youth Congress, where youth will be able to connect, learn and work together on issues concerning the international climate adaptation challenges. The Climate Adaptation Youth Congress is part of the Open University and the Youth Summit.

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  • Nobel Prize Laureates Ceremony Bedrijfnaam The Netherlands
    Nobel Prize Laureates Ceremony

    As part of the Climate Adaptation Week, the University of Groningen, the Global Center on Adaptation and the Municipality of Groningen will host a ceremony with Nobel Prize Laureates to discuss the challenges and solutions for climate Change Adaptation. Over the years, Nobel Prize laureates were awarded in areas closely related to climate change adaptation such as empowering vulnerable groups, exploring multi/cross sectoral impacts of environmental/climate actions and aspects of behavioral change. The Ceremony will serve as a distinguished opportunity to invite Nobel Laureates to deliver statements on multiple aspects of climate change adaptation and viable ways forward. During the ceremony, youth representatives will share their ideas with the laureates and leading scientists.

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  • Open University on Climate Adaptation The Netherlands
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    Open University on Climate Adaptation

    One aspect of the Climate Adaptation Week will be to mobilize an international Youth Movement for Adaptation. Within the Open University a series of events will be organized to enable youth to enlarge their climate adaptation knowledge base, and share their ideas and solutions with renowned international scientists. The Open University on Climate Adaptation in Groningen is an open day of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen with lectures, talks, workshops, and seminars on climate adaptation. The main goal is to demonstrate that addressing adaptation and offering and scaling-up solutions will require inputs from multiple disciplines.

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  • Climate Adaptation Design Exhibition The Netherlands
    Climate Adaptation Design Exhibition

    The design exhibition will take place from March to October 2020. Throughout the year, different locations will be adopted by design bureaus/landscape architects and redesigned in an adaptive manner focusing not only on climate adaptation/resilience but also on related topics such as traffic management, health and quality of life. In so-called climate labs, the professionals will get in contact with local residents as well as other important stakeholders (policy makers, students, knowledge institutes, companies and social organizations) to come to a feasible design, which is supported by all areas of expertise. The designs will be presented in an exhibition, starting two months prior to the Climate Adaptation Week. All projects, current and new, will further be integrated in a regional tour. Visitors of the Climate Adaptation Week will have the opportunity to go to the locations and experience firsthand what the challenges and results are.

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  • Mayors Forum The Netherlands
    Mayors Forum

    Within global adaptation cities are a crucial focal point. Worldwide cities are growing, and more people are becoming vulnerable to climate change. Cities can and need to act. Now.  Therefore, 20 to 30 mayors of cities around the globe will gather in City Hall of Rotterdam, during the Mayors Forum on October 21st. They will discuss urgency and action tracks and sign a declaration about how to accelerate climate adaptation in cities. The outcome will be presented at the Climate Adaptation Summit on the 22nd of October.  City leaders, will share experiences and discuss needs and action tracks that are necessary to become climate resilient in an inclusive way, and about how to scale up urban climate adaptation worldwide.

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